Joerg Pichler

October 17 - 19, 2023 | The Westin Chattanooga

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Joerg Pichler, Andritz

Joerg Pichler, a trailblazing engineering professional from Graz, Austria. With a diploma degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering, he embarked on his remarkable journey in 2009 at Andritz AG, where he spearheaded the development of cutting-edge centrifugal pumps for diverse fiber applications. Over the years, Joerg's expertise expanded to encompass in-house and on-site pump testing, focusing on special fiber applications and modifications beyond conventional pulp and paper contexts. In 2019, he assumed the role of Product Manager, driving innovation in industrial pumps and engineering solutions for demanding liquid compositions. Now, in 2023, as Industry Manager at Andritz pumps, Joerg is dedicated to exploring new customer-centric applications and expanding the horizons of centrifugal pump technology across various industries.