In association with their annual technical meeting, TAPPI’s Fiberglass Mat Technology Committee is proud to announce their 2017 Short course for producers of wet formed nonwoven fiberglass mat:

Increasing Line Speeds while Addressing Quality Issues”.

Last year we had an extremely successful short course with close to 100 participants addressing “Fundamentals of Fiberglass Mat Production”. This year’s short course promises to be every bit as good. We have assembled a great cast of industry “experts” (see below) with over 236 years of cumulative experience. These specialists will discuss and answer questions on all phases of fiberglass mat production from dispersion, wire designs, wire-to-wire transitions, air flow and wrinkles, fiber bleed though and build up, faster curing to winder issues.

We will do a walk through the fiberglass mat production process, looking at problem areas and opportunities. With each point there will be opportunities to ask questions and discuss real world problems. This is an opportunity for experienced production personnel to meet with their peers, ask questions and share problems and experiences. This is a special opportunity for new engineers and supervisors to hear from experienced experts and seasoned managers and gain from their hard earned knowledge.

In addition to the short course there will be a second day of technical papers on directly related fiberglass mat production issues covering: glass fiber, white water, binders, curing, winders, mat quality and 3M’s ever popular “Roofing Market Forecast”.

TAPPI, NET DIVISION - Fiberglass Mat Technology Committee 2017 meeting September 20 -22, 2017 Sheraton Downtown Hotel, Memphis, TN.

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